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Members' Photographs

one of our current members with his dad, 1957

April 2021 - 'Social Distancing'   photo: Jacky Wicks 

senior members shocked by leading skipper's indifference to rulebook

Bill Letten has provided this picture of IOMs racing on the Lagoon. He believes it's from the mid-1990s. Please get in touch if you recognise your boat and can suggest a more exact date. 

Past and present club members. Please get in touch if you can provide their names, left to right, and a rough date for the photo. Also what are the trophies one member is clutching so triumphantly? 

home page pic dec 2020.jpg

This sequence of stills is from 2010. Have a look at our '1929 to ...' exhibition if you'd like to delve back further into our club's history.

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